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The Hokushin Martial Arts Academy caters for all your martial arts needs from the age of 4 years up. Whatever your decision to take up martial arts, we have the expertise, the staff and the passion to help you set and achieve your goals.  Training in the martial arts can offer some of the following:

  • Self Defence

  • Confidence

  • Weight loss

  • Tournaments - we are good at these with many World & European Champions in our Academy!

  • Personal Development

  • Meeting new people and having fun.

  • When you come to your first class, your instructor will conduct a brief interview with you in order to discover what you want to get from your Karate training.  You will then be invited to join in with the rest of the class and take that first step to a better, healther and more confident life.  

  • The Chief Instructor of the Hokushin Karate Academy is Sensei Mike McCusker 7th Dan.

Shotokan Karate is known for its simplicity and effectiveness. Its techniques are based on the correct application of body dynamics. At the heart of traditional Shotokan Karate training is the development of character as well as the conditioning of one's body.

Chanbara is a fast-paced martial art that utilizes padded-weapons in a safe-platform to instruct expert weaponry and sword training. Chanbara gives a fast paced workout that develops lightening fast reflexes, co-ordination and discipline.

About us...

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Our Team...

Sensei Mike McCusker 7th Dan

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Sensei Holly Rye 5th Dan

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Sensei Jimmy Gray 4th Dan

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Sensei Colin Green 4th Dan

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Sensei Adam Smillie 3rd Dan

Sensei Alisha Wright 3rd Dan

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